Destiny Mole ST Nicolas

Pastor Sony and his wife Fenia live on this multi generational property and run a church and a 60+ child school on its premises.  It’s located in the Northern part of Haiti on the outskirts of Mole ST Nicolas.

About this school

The school is comprised of a 3 building complex each covered in palm thatch roofs. The school primarily serves kindergarten and elementary school aged children. There are X teachers in addition to Sony and his wife Fenia. A typical day at the school starts at about 8 AM with the students arriving by foot down trails that lead to other plots of land in the region where families live. Mole ST Nicolas has a sparsely inhabited island landscape and beach feel that would be very similar to luxurious places in the Caribbean… just no luxury ;-)


$7,825 GOAL

Teacher Support

The Destiny Mole ST Nicolas school is expected to have 18 teachers and administrative and support staff that serves its students during the current school year. Many of these teachers have the same college education and teaching certificates as those who would teach in the United States. Subjects taught include English, French, Kreyol, Math, Science, History and Bible. The teacher support program also allows for school administrators to ask for teachers performance pay bonuses and classroom supplies.

Progress towards teachers pay goal… 40%

Textbook Initiatives

Administration has said that going into this school year, that textbooks were in general, only available for about 1 in 10 students who needed them. Money on the requisition for textbooks included English, French, Kreyol, Math, Science, and History books. These books would be purchased used most likely. Also in the requisition were e-readers and e-book titles that the school wishes to acquire.  They also have a technology plan in place to support the charging of these devices.

Progress towards textbook supply goal… 0%

$2,300 GOAL

$13,000 GOAL

Technology Initiatives

Destiny Mole ST Nicolas is interested in building a basic computer lab for the benefit of its staff and older students. Currently, they have nothing. This years requisition is geared buying basic solar panels and adding 5 new laptops and software. Also included in the request, is a budget to establish internet connectivity for the classroom and a years service.

Progress towards technology plan goal… 0%