Destiny Canaan 3

Pastor Garry ST Hubert is the founder of OCS, Organisation Center for Success, and the Destiny Schools. It is his vision to create a high standards high value school experience to serve Haitian children grades K to 12. He places great emphasis on the credentials of teachers and the character they will build into their students.

About this school

The Destiny Cannan 3 school started out on this land as tents and over the years has been fashioned into a multi story facility that accommodates 450+ students, several on premise staff, and most of the time, and orphanage with 10-20 children at a time being cared for. The school serves students from pre K through 12th grade. The center courtyard of the school serves as a playground for the kids… often times playing soccer. The beginnings of a computer lab can be seen at this school and the school even has a cafeteria where snacks are served to the kids several times each week. The school employs 45+ teachers and staff.

2022/2023 SCHOOL YEAR

$28,905 GOAL

Teacher Support

The Destiny Canaan 3 school is expected to have 45 teachers and administrative and support staff that serves its students during the current school at full capacity. Many of these teachers have the same college education and teaching certificates as those who would teach in the United States. Subjects taught include English, French, Kreyol, Math, Science, History and Bible. Teachers monies are paid out monthly with whatever funds are allocated to that school and once the total goal for that year is met, funding towards Textbooks goals happens.

Progress towards teachers pay goal… 33%

Textbook Initiatives

Administration has said that going into this school year, that textbooks were in general, only available for about 1 in 10 students who needed them. Money on the requisition for textbooks included English, French, Kreyol, Math, Science, and History books. These books would be purchased used most likely. E-readers and e-textbooks are also allowed to be purchased with requested funds if they also have a technology plan in place to support the charging of these devices. Textbook monies are paid to member schools when the goals are met and only after the Teachers’ goals are fulfilled.

Progress towards textbook supply goal… 0%

$11,700 GOAL

$16,250 GOAL

Technology Initiatives

Destiny Canaan 3 already has a small classroom devoted to teach computer skills to older students and an experienced IT administrator on staff. Much of this years requisition is geared towards adding to existing solar panels and adding 10 new laptops and software. Also included in the request, is a budget to establish internet connectivity for the classroom and a years service. Once Textbook Initiatives have fully funded, monies for a school start to allocate towards this Technology goal.

Progress towards technology plan goal… 0%