K12 Canaan

2018 Feb - K12 Canaan

It was in the early part of 2018 that the organization had the vision of supporting schools in Canaan. Canaan is the resettlement community for those people that were displaced by the 2010 earthquake.  It exists on the side of a mountain about an hour outside of Port au Prince. The first school that was to be adopted was in Canaan… district 3.

After only 5 years from the earthquake, there were over 250,000 people living in Canaan and 10’s of thousands of unschooled children. To this day, there is no electricity, no sewer and no water. By our way of seeing it, they are camping out in corrugated metal and cinder block shanty’s. K12 Canaan became the new corporate name and it wanted to lead “projects” to help kids in schools.

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