K12 Haiti

2021 July - K12 Haiti

Pretty quickly, money for the school in Mole ST Nicolas started being sent and was earmarked for the payment of teachers. We learned that if the teachers could be reliably paid… they came to work.  With the elimination of the schools single biggest expense, administrators were able to juggle tuition fees as family’s cash flow allowed. They were able to offer more frequent snacks, and better access to water. A schools reputation improved because the quality of teachers it could attract with reliable good pay was impacted.

During the time of Ekolaj, we were constantly being asked for money for technology projects and textbooks too.  It became obvious that we could do more. Several years back, the name K12 Haiti was reserved for future use in case K12 Canaan failed to contain the vision of the organization. Already, we had branched out to Mole ST Nicolas… who would say “no” to students, just because you didn’t live in Canaan.

So to contain the enormous excitement for the possibilities of Haiti Joe coffee becoming a significant resource for funding, and the increased vision of more of Haiti outside of Canaan, the organization was renamed K12 Haiti. Teachers, Textbooks & Technology would guide its vision along with its continued support of “special projects” for schools as donors and leaders allowed. For instance, several optometrists have shown interest in taking on providing students badly needed glasses.  Someone may wish to do water projects, or other service projects.  It’s our wish to focus on the Teachers, textbook & technology message but still leave open a framework to do more.

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