Native Egg Project

2015 October - Native Egg Project

In 2013 the Twining’s formed Urban Coop Company™, manufacturing backyard chicken coops on their property in Dripping Springs, TX. Almost immediately, thoughts of teaching Haitian children to care for small flocks of chickens so they could have eggs was envisioned.

Food for the chickens would be an issue, so Montie began designing a black soldier fly composting system that solved the issues that his wife Dyan had discovered in other commercially available products. The now patented GrubeCone™ was born. Many people contributed to a first trip and a group of students anchored by daughters Cassandra & Olivia was formed to go and build the systems at a school in Canaan. Even a solar panel and incubation system was built to grow the flock in Haiti. Over the next years, many eggs were laid and eaten, but other, better ideas got incubated on this trip that would change the mission.

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