The Ekolaj Project

2018 June - The Ekolaj Project

The first project of the freshly formed K12 Canaan was The Ekolaj Project.  Ekolaj mean “tuition” in Kreyol… the native language in Haiti. The vision was to build a site and promote sponsorship of the tuition for students.  Individual student pictures were taken and posted on a website that allowed a donor to come sponsor as little as a month or up to a whole year of a students tuition.

In our first school, Destiny Canaan 3, we received donations that allowed monthly tuition to be paid for 100+ students. In our second year, we ended up adding a second school in Mole ST Nicolas and started helping the 60 or so students there as well. Pretty quickly we learned that it was difficult to actually earmark money on a student by student basis, and some students get sponsored, and some don’t… not always on a fair basis. The vision had equability concerns but the financial benefits to the schools, the students and the parents became obvious.

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